Outlook Web Access 2003:


The MHU email server is being upgraded to Exchange 2003 this summer. Part of this process will be a new version of Outlook Web Access (the college webmail system). Below is a short list of major changes you will see when using OWA 2003. This system is scheduled to go on-line July 30 and 31, 2005.


Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these changes.


New logon screen




1 & 2

Enter your username and password here the same as on the old system.



You can select between a “Premium” and a “Basic” interface. The Premium interface has all the features in OWA 2003 whereas the Basic interface is scaled down to work better over a slow connection such as dial-in. On campus users will normally select Premium but you are free to try either one. Users on dial-in connections may find that the Basic interface works better on a slow connection.



The “Public or shared computer” will automatically log you off after a short time of inactivity. The “Private computer” option will keep you logged in for a longer period of time.

Main OWA 2003 interface:




The main OWA 2003 interface looks very different than the previous version however do not be intimidated because it functions much the same.



Click the arrow next to the “Folders” to get a list of all your email folders.



This is the window where all emails will be listed.



This is the “Reading Pane” where the content of the current message is displayed. You can reposition this window or turn it off using the “Show/Hide Reading Pane” button on the menu.



Select these buttons to view other mailbox features such as your personal calendar of your contacts.



The Help button will open a new window a very good help system for OWA 2003. I suggest you look at it.



Main interface with the folder tree on the left displayed:




New additions to the “Options” menu:






Use this dropdown to select how many messages you want displayed per page.


2 & 3

OWA 2003 includes a spell checker and the option to include a signature with all your messages.


When you are creating a new message just select the “Spell Check” button on the top menu to check your message. Below is an example of spell check in action.




These are the primary differences in OWA 2003 and OWA 2000. The interface is not complicated if you take time to get familiar with it however if you have any questions or problems please contact the Helpdesk at extension 1444.