Recommended PC Requirements

In general any newly purchased PC or Macintosh desktop or notebook is compatible with the MHU residential network. To assist you we have compiled some guidelines when selecting a system.

PC Recommendations: Lowest Standards

2.0GHz dual core + higher

  2 GB
Hard Drive
  80 GB
  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Testing Windows 10
**Windows Vista will work but
has known connectivity issues**
Ethernet Adapter
  100/1000 Base T

Macintosh Recommendations: Lowest Standards
  2.4 GHz + higher
  2 GB
Hard Drive
  200 GB + higher
  MacOS X
Ethernet Adapter
  100 Base T

Laptops vs Desktops:

Mars Hill College students are not required to own a computer, however, many students find it helpful and convenient to do so. Whether it's best to own a laptop or a desktop depends mostly on personal preference.

Pros + Mobility
Wireless Internet access
Lower cost
More powerful
Easy to upgrade
Cons - Higher cost
Not easily upgraded
Vulnerable to accident, loss, theft
Not mobile
Cabled Internet connection

Recommended software and accessories:

  • A USB flash drive

  • Microsoft Office

    Many computers come with Microsoft Works. This software is not the same as MS Office and is not used anywhere on campus.

Wireless Access: