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Office 2007




Microsoft Office 2007 Support Statement:

Microsoft has recently released the latest version of their Office application package called Microsoft Office 2007.  This version incorporates major changes from previous versions and has a different ‘look and feel”.

Most college owned systems have been upgraded to Office 2007 but some still run Office 2003. Office 2007 will open files created with previous versions without problems but Office 2003 will not recognize files created with the 2007 version unless the Microsoft Compatibility Pack is installed. 

Office 2007 includes the ability to save files in a format compatible with previous versions. If you wish to open any Office 2007 document on a college owned system you must save it in Microsoft 2003 format.

To save a file in Office 97-2003 format: Click “File” à “Save As” à Select the option for “97-2003 format”

Office 2007 Compatibility Issues

Microsoft Office 2007 introduces new file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These new formats are incompatible with all previous versions of these applications.

In order to share files with older Office versions, Office 2007 users must save their files in a format that is backwards compatible with the earlier versions. Instructions on how to save Office 2007 and pre-Office 2007 files in a compatible format can be found below.

The default file extensions for Word, Excel and PowerPoint are:


Office file type

Office 2007 extension

Pre-Office 2007 extensions

Word 2007

Word 2007 XML document



Excel 2007

Excel 2007 XML workbook



PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 XML presentation



Office 2007 Windows users

To make Office 2007 files compatible with previous Office versions, users can change the default option to save files in Compatibility mode.

The instructions for Word, Excel and PowerPoint are similar and as follows:

1. Click on the Office button found at the top left of the screen.
2. In the drop-down menu, at the bottom right, select the application options button (Word / Excel / PowerPoint Presentations).
3. Click on Save.
4. On the Options screen, from the pull-down menu next to Save files in this format, select the appropriate application (Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc), Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls), PowerPoint Presentations 97-2003).

Your Office 2007 files will now be saved in Compatibility mode making them compatible with previous versions.

Pre-Office 2007 Windows users

Users of pre-Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint can download Microsoft Compatibility Pack which will allow them to open, edit and save files using the new 2007 file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

This helps ensure that users of Office 2007 can continue to work with third-party solutions based on earlier versions, and users of earlier versions of Office can work with their colleagues who have upgraded.