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Mars Hill University Network Accounts and Access.

Student Accounts:

Student Network accounts are created at the start of each semester and summer session for all newly registered students. ITS cannot create a student account unless you are cleared in the MHU administrative system. Students cannot call the Helpdesk and request a network account. There are no exceptions!

Graduating student accounts will be held for 30 days after graduation. After this time is elapsed, all graduate/non-returning student accounts are deleted along with any files/emails stored on the MHU network. This is a permanent operation and data cannot be recovered once deleted.

Students who demonstrate a need to retain their network account due to a continuing academic/business relationship with MHU may have their accounts extended provided arrangements are made prior to graduation.

Students are allowed 30 Megabytes of network data storage. This storage is 'mapped' to the J: Drive when you logon to the MHU network. If this limit is exceeded you will get file creation/read only errors when trying to save additional data. You will need to delete some existing data before you will be able to save additional files.

Faculty/Staff Accounts:

All new faculty/staff employees may request a network account by calling the Helpdesk at extension 1444. The normal turnaround on account creation is 1-2 business days.

Faculty/Staff do not have space restrictions on their network data storage (J: Drive). There is a 500 Megabyte warning level for Faculty/Staff accounts. If this threshold is reached ITS will evaluate the data stored on the network and either increase the warning limit or contact you to remove files.

 Since storage space is a finite resource, ITS asks that you be responsible regarding the amount of data you store and regularly delete old data from the network.

Upon leaving employment with MHU your account will be deleted on or immediately after your last day of employment unless arrangements are made prior to your last day of employment.