Airtame Instructions

Download Airtame 2 application for your device.

There are two ways to download the Airtame application.

Option One:

Download location on web is:

Option Two:

Go to the R drive look in folder named: “Airtame2”. Note: Some devices have to go to their respected App Store to download this app which is a free App.

  1. Copy the Airtame exe to your device. Ex: desktop
  2. The downloads are zipped, so you will have to unzip them. Left double click the Airtame 2 App executable.
  3. Type in the 4 numbers that are showing on the TV in your room.
  4. Left click on “Share Screen”.
  5. When done please left click on “Quit” located at bottom right on your screen.

Pin Code Connect

Pin Code Connect, is an easy way to ensure that no one outside of the room can stream to Airtame. Pin Code Connect, Airtame will require users to enter a random 4-digit pin code in order to start a stream. The pin code will appear on your TV or projector screen, which you then type into the Airtame app.

Current locations with Airtame devices:

Broyhill Fellowship

Belk Auditorium

Blackwell – Peterson Conference Room

Broyhill Chapel

CETL Renfro

Cornwell Hall 206

Day Hall 3rd Floor Hall TV

Day Hall 201

Day Hall 202

Day Hall 203

Day Hall 205

Day Hall 301

Day Hall 303

Day Hall 304

Day Hall 305

Ferguson Math & Science 135

Ferguson Math & Science 148

Owen Theater

Wall Science 103

Wall Science 109

Wall Science 202

Wall Science 220

Wall Science 422

Wall Science 413

Wall Science 415