MHU Wi-Fi Information and Guidelines

Guidelines for computer services:

  1. Wi-Fi for campus
    a. Main Campus Buildings Wi-Fi: SSID: mhuwireless (password: mhillwireless)
    b. Residence Halls Wi-Fi: SSID: mhuresidence (password: MHULions28754)
    c. All guests/visitors only Wi-Fi: SSID: mhucommunity (no password) – NOT FOR
    STUDENTS! this is bandwidth limited
  2. Do not share your personal password with anyone.
  3. Understand Phishing. Every person is responsible to verify sender identity and
    information before opening attachments or providing credentials to login to see
    attachments. Look for [ext] to see if the email is from a non-MHU email.
  4. Be wary of fraud. Never respond to anyone requesting you to send money or buy gift
  5. Report phishing or other fraud to the IT Help Desk (e.g.
  6. Every person is responsible to protect your personal information as well as the
    information of others.
  7. Use ClassLink ( for access to all MHU systems
    (MyMHU, Moodle, SelfService, etc.)
  8. Download and use the MHU Mobile app. It is available for free on both Apple and Android app stores.
  9. Links to ITS social media to keep up-to-date on all things IT:
    Instagram – MHU_IT